Healthcare Chaplaincy


Catholic Chaplaincy in hospitals and hospices across the Archdiocese is delivered in a variety of ways by priests and deacons. Some Catholic Chaplains are directly employed by the various NHS Trusts, with the endorsement of the Ordinary, whilst others are remunerated through Service Level Agreement that the Trusts sign with the Archdiocese. Catholic chaplaincy in some hospitals and healthcare facilities are provided by the local clergy as part of a pastoral role, particularly when such facilities are within their parish or deanery.

Although the details of the duties Catholic Chaplains take on varies according to the needs in each healthcare facility, and also whether the chaplain is a priest or deacon, generally their responsibilities are to:

  • have overall concern for the spiritual and pastoral care of the Roman Catholic community in its diversity of cultures found within the Trust.
  • meet the Sacramental, Spiritual and Pastoral needs of all Roman Catholic patients, relatives, and staff.
  • give spiritual care to all people, by meeting with concern and compassion patients and staff of other faiths and belief communities as appropriate.
  • offer Mass and other liturgies and services of the Roman Catholic faith as appropriate.
  • visit and support Roman Catholic patients on the wards.
  • support those relatives and staff who have requested the ministry of a Roman Catholic Chaplain.
  • offer appropriate pastoral care, where requested, to the bereaved.
  • be an advocate for the patient if appropriate.
  • be available to staff who may need confidential support.
  • co-ordinate and organise the pastoral work of Roman Catholic volunteers within the Chaplaincy team.
  • assist in the training of staff, students and volunteers as appropriate.

The Diocesan Advisor for Healthcare Chaplaincy is appointed by the Archbishop and works with the Vicar General to advise hospital and hospice managers, as well as support Catholic Chaplains with any matters that arise.


Contact our Diocesan Advisor for Healthcare Chaplaincy

Deacon Alfred Joseph Banya



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