The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Catholic faith, and the ability to get to Mass and remain in touch with the parish community is increasingly important to people, particularly as they age or become infirm.

Two retired nuns having morning coffee

Caritas Southwark aims to support and care for elderly parishioners in a variety of ways, This may be through supporting a parish scheme to provide transport to Mass or enhancing the number of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who will visit the housebound or in care homes due to infirmity.

In the last few years, society has navigated the challenge of Covid-19. During that time, Southwark clergy and laity witnessed the fact that small deeds of kindness are greatly appreciated by the elderly.  For example, picking up shopping, being accompanied to the doctor, offering assistance in making an appointment, or even just simple things, like fitting a lightbulb at home. In parishes, having a good loop facility can greatly enhance an older person's ability to participate in Mass and decrease their sense of isolation, as can having the opportunity to explore faith and hospitality with others who are similarly mature in years.

Through locally organised volunteers, Caritas Southwark will aim to provide practical help and someone local to share concerns with. In providing everyday assistance, the Commission also hopes to help overcome the sense of loneliness that many older people express, and to enable them to feel part of their faith community.

Theme Leader: Sarah Wood