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Archdiocese launches Caritas Southwark


Canon Darlington, Director of Caritas SouthwarkArchbishop John Wilson, Archbishop of Southwark, will announce the launch of Caritas Southwark this weekend in a pastoral letter to the priests and faithful of his Archdiocese.

“I share with you the wonderful news that we are about to launch Caritas Southwark. Caritas is the Latin word for love and Caritas Southwark will be our Archdiocesan network to co-ordinate our practical loving service of others, putting faith into action.”

Recognising that the Church has always served the poorest and the weakest, through parishes and schools, not to mention social and charitable projects and organisations, Archbishop Wilson says:

“In such challenging times, it is important that we strengthen and enhance our charitable outreach, rooted in our faith in Christ. This will build on the excellent work already taking place and provide encouragement and support for new initiatives. Caritas Southwark is about facilitation and collaboration, building up our common bond of charity through a more considered identity whereby our Archdiocese can promote and recognise faith in action.”

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Archbishop: Build genuine relationships of care and concern with the poorest and weakest


Archbishop John Wilson has launched CARITAS Southwark, the new social action organisation for the archdiocese.

At a special Mass in St George’s Cathedral, Archbishop Wilson challenged his parishes and schools to consider how they are serving those most at need in the community:

“I ask every parish and school in our Archdiocese to take up a new outreach to people who face poverty, homelessness, isolation, and rejection. From small seeds, mighty trees can grow to provide shelter from the burning heat of pain and suffering. So, let us plant seeds of practical love.

“Let us do something for our community, for those beyond the walls of our churches. Let us build partnerships and work collaboratively. Let us create opportunities to call forth the gifts and talents of the people of our Archdiocese, especially young people in our parishes and schools, in loving and humble service of others.”

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Don’t lose sight of the person in the refugee debate, says Archbishop

“There are issues that need humane resolution, not simply isolating people or cutting them off or rejecting them or transporting them elsewhere. That doesn’t help anybody. Global solutions need countries to speak to each other and they need partnership and they need a compassion that puts into practise real solutions, not simply knee-jerk reactions that seemingly solve a problem at the expense of the dignity of human life."
- Archbishop John Wilson

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